Hey! Thanks for being interested in our startup Accelerator.  We are very excited to get to know you and your ideas.
Important!  You will need to read and understand our FAQ in order to submit this application.  If you haven't already read it, then here it is:
https://www.swissstartupfactory.com/faq-accelerator-program/  Also, If you have a CV and/or cover letter, then please send it to: info@swissstartupfactory.com

Note: Applications with unfilled boxes are not being processed.
Company/Project name

Names of co-founders (last name, first name)

Primary e-mail address where you can be contacted

Phone number(s) with country code

Describe your company/project in one sentence.

What does your company make or do?

If you have a website or blog about your startup, then we would really like to see it.

If you have an online demo of your product, then please provide us with the url.

Where do you live now?  (City/Country)

Where will you be based after the SSUF Accelerator program?  (City/Country)

Please create a 90 second "elevator pitch"  on youtube, which explains your problem, solution and business model. Be sure to provide us with the url. Using an iPhone to record a video is completely acceptable.

Are there any interesting projects that you have worked on?  We would like to hear about them.

If you have a url, then that would be even better.

How long have the founders known each other?

How did you meet?

Please provide us with a personal reference (Name/e-mail)

Can you tell us about a personal failure (startup related or not)?  Did you learn something from the experience?  How did you use what you learned for future situations?

Have any of the founders not met in person?  If so, why not?

Do you generate revenue?

If you have already participated in an accelerator, then please let us know when and where.

Can you tell us about an example from your life where you had to push yourself?  We want to hear a personal story of how you reached a goal even though giving up would have been easier.

Are you already committed to another accelerator?  If so, which one?

What is the inspiration behind your startup?

Do you have expertise in your startup's industry? How do you know there is a market for your product?

Please list your academic/professional background

What is innovative about your product?

In case you produce a physical product how high are the production costs per unit (estimate)?

What alternatives do people use because a product like yours does not exist?

Who are your competitors?  Who might become a competitor?

What do you understand about your business that other companies have failed to understand?

How are you going to make money?  What's your business model?

How big is your market?

Based on the market size can you estimate the revenue potential of your product or service over the next 3 years?

If everything goes as planned, then how is your product or service going to earn 10 Mio CHF in revenue over the next 3 years?

How will you build critical mass?  Some products require a large user base before they become attractive.  If this applies to your product, then we want to know how you have thought about attracting users.

What does your marketing strategy look like?

How are you going to reach your customers?

Have you registered your startup as a legal entity?

Are the holder of any intellectual property rights? (Copyrights, Design Patents, Patents, Trademarks)

If so, which ones?

How did you hear about the SSUF's Accelerator?

Applications with unfilled boxes are not being processed. 

In order to finalize this application you will need to agree to the following statement:  "I've read and understood the FAQ sheet." *

Once again, here the link to our FAQ: http://swissstartupfactory.com/faq-ssuf-accelerator-program/

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